About the Author

Kathleen Reedy has a Ph.D. in Social Anthropology from the University of Edinburgh (undergrad from Penn State) and has previously lived and worked in both Egypt and Syria.  After graduating, she deployed to Iraq (Diyala for 5 months) and Afghanistan (Khost, Paktiya, Paktika for 15 months) as a Social Scientist to help the U.S. Military and various civilian leaders understand the local cultures and societies. She focused largely on issues of local governance and how to improve it, gathering her information by going out on regular patrols with Platoons. She has several publications pending from that research and hopes to publish a book on her experiences.

She found that in many ways, one of the most difficult parts of deploying was understanding her fellow Americans. She had spent considerable time studying Middle Eastern and Central Asian life, so she roughly knew what to expect. However, though she shared a common language, the world of Soldiers is very different from academia (sometimes) and she learned as much or more about that culture as she did about Afghan or Iraqi.

When not chasing adrenaline rushes, her other hobbies include martial arts and wine and scotch tasting.


13 thoughts on “About the Author”

  1. ahhh… where does one find such a strong willed woman?

  2. That’s an interesting life and career, respect!
    I worked with the US Army in Germany for one year as a lawyer and I also found it interesting how much I had to learn about the world of soldiers. It was a very insightful and interesting time, which I remember fondly.

  3. Amazing job! Period.

  4. Dear Kathleen,
    As keen students of history we find blogs such as yours invaluable. Tales from people on the ground often bear little relation to the tales spun by government!

    We would like to nominate you for the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”. Check it out at: http://benandfrancoise.com/2012/12/31/very-inspiring-blogger-award/.

    Have a great 2013 and keep the stories coming!

  5. I stumbled by your blog when you got Freshly Pressed. (Congrats!) I rarely stay on newly-discovered blogs that often anymore, but I absolutely LOVE what I’ve read so far. I think you’re pretty damn awesome and I almost envy your work. I live in the Middle East too, in Lebanon. (I’m Lebanese, but I’ve lived in several other countries besides). I’ve read the first several posts and I’m in danger of never finishing my essay due tomorrow. (Uni student life rocks). Consider me a happy follower! Keep writing!

    • Thanks, I think that’s the best compliment I’ve received. I promise I’ll try not to blog too often during exam time! 🙂 I’d love to hear some of your stories too.

  6. I really admire for what you did and keep doing

  7. Although I’ve read and read and read some more about Afghanistan and the Middle East, your perspective adds a refreshing voice to it all. I’ll be clicking through the rest of your work and waiting for more.

  8. @Kathleen Reedy
    Very unique and good work, Keep it up.

    Living in the port city of Karachi, which is no less than a war hit city, where various warring groups are killing each others and innocent people on sectarian, ethnic and political basis. The irony is, and which makes Karachi more fatal, that killers despite very much known are unknown. Media is the worst putting it as “The unknown assailant opened fire” , “Attack on the office of a political party”, “The workers of two political parties attacked each others” etc
    Best wishes
    Naimat Khan

  9. Hey Doc. Reedy. It’s been nine months now. Are you ever coming back? I miss your stories! I really hope you’re okay!

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