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This is one of my favorite jokes I heard while in Afghanistan. It says a lot about Afghans and the rather grim humor they apply to life. I’ve also heard it with an airplane, but I like the boat one better. If it doesn’t make sense…see my previous post. 🙂

Picture courtesy of Wikipedia

An American, a Frenchman, a Pakistani, and an Afghan are all on a boat together. All of a sudden, the boat’s captain gets on the intercom and says,”We’ve hit an iceberg and are starting to sink. We have too much weight, so start getting rid of the heavy cargo.”

So the four men begin rummaging around the boat and throwing the heaviest things they can find overboard. After they’ve finished, they captain comes back on.

“Gentlemen, we’re still going down, toss everything overboard.”

The four men quickly get to work and start clearing out the boat, throwing everything that isn’t nailed down overboard. When they’re finished, they breathe a deep sigh until they hear the captain come back on.

“Gentlemen, it’s not enough. We’re still sinking. If there’s anything else you can find, please throw it overboard.”

They look around, but there is nothing left. They don’t know what to do.

Slowly, the American steps up, nods sadly, and pulls a packet of cigarettes out of his pocket. He says, “In my country, we have a lot of these.” And with some regret, he throws the cigarettes overboard.

The Frenchman is impressed by the American’s sacrifice and he steps up next and pulls a bottle of cologne out of his pocket. “In my country, we have a lot of these.” And with some regret, he throws the cologne overboard.

The Pakistani is also impressed by these sacrifices and he steps up next. But before he can speak, the Afghan grabs him and throws him overboard.