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I had another post all set for today (look for it tomorrow instead), but as much as it doesn’t fit into my storytelling style, it seemed remiss not to at least acknowledge the current news raging about the Qurans being burned and the resulting protests sweeping Afghanistan. There’s lots of deep analysis out there, so I’ll keep my thoughts simple and few:

  1. Stupid mistake. We know better by now.
  2. How on earth does anyone know the details of our trash to leak that information? And if someone knew Qurans were headed for the incinerator (otherwise how could it have been leaked) why did no one stop it?
  3. How would we know if any protest was truly spontaneous or quietly influenced by a group wishing to take advantage of an emotionally charged situation?
  4. Some analysts suggest an Afghan soldier killed two Americans as a result of this. Hard to say, but this kind of fratricide has been happening on its own for a while and is WAY more complex than such a correlation would make it seem.
  5. Culture is a funny thing, and we can learn a lot from looking at what unites or divides us. For instance, when NATO accidentally kills civilians, there are usually protests about it, but they generally stay local to the area where it happened. Burning a Quran sparks protests across the entire country.